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Är du säker?

Title translated into English

Stay safe on the farm

Film: Duration in minutes

2:59 minutes

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Product description

A music video on health and safety in agriculture. Large animals, heavy machinery, long days working alone, often with your home and family close to your workplace. Farmers work in perhaps Sweden’s best, but also most accident-prone profession. So we encourage farmers to ask themselves: Are you safe?

Aims and objectives

Be sure to stay safe on the farm. Most farming accidents involve equipment or animals. With this music video, we want farmers and farm employees to think twice about their safety and to take the online course Stay safe on the farm. The course is about agricultural health and safety and discusses simple steps that can help boost risk awareness and prevent accidents by systematically improving health and safety measures

Target audience

Supervisors and managers, Other (please specify) : Self-empoloyed farmers, supervisors, safety representatives and employees


Campaign for a safer working environment in agriculture.

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Box 20133, Sweden-104 60 Stockholm
+4684020253 - +46702621953