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Trygg buss

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Safe bus

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Product description

Safe Bus is a free online course on conflict management in the bus industry. The course aims to help bus drivers manage situations that can lead to conflicts. Fewer conflicts mean greater safety and less risk of stress, threats and violence. The course consists of videos, tools and examples of how bus drivers can manage and even avoid conflicts with angry passengers. The Safe Bus online course takes about 60 minutes and can be used individually or in groups. It ends with a test, and those who pass receive a certificate.

Aims and objectives

Bus drivers are a vulnerable professional group subject to threats and violence. Learning more about conflict management can better equip drivers to deal with threatening and potentially threatening situations. By reflecting on their own behaviours, the drivers can prepare themselves for risky situations and conflicts at work.

Target audience

Supervisors and managers, Other (please specify) : Safety representatives and employees in the bus industry

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Box 20133, Sweden-104 60 Stockholm
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