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ePAL MEWP Operator App

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ePAL is the International Powered Access Federation’s (IPAF’s) smartphone app for machine operators in the powered access industry. Powered access refers to equipment that is designed to lift personnel, tools and materials to work safely at height. The most common types of powered access equipment are Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWPs) and Construction Hoists (CHs). Powered access is the safest way to carry out temporary work at height. Operators and supervisors should always be properly trained and use the right equipment for the job. IPAF is a not-for-profit trade association that promotes the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide. It provides technical advice and information, through influencing and interpreting legislation and standards, and through safety initiatives and training programmes. Established in 1983, this year it celebrates its 40th anniversary and now has over 1,600 members in more than 80 countries and regions. Members include machine manufacturers, rental companies, distributors, contractors and users. A PAL Card is a Powered Access Licence for operating MEWPs, MCWPs or CHs. To qualify for a PAL Card, candidates must successfully complete an IPAF training course. Historically, PAL Cards were physical, plastic, credit-card sized licences, issued by IPAF. With over 2 million PAL Cards issued, IPAF trains more than 180,000 operators each year. ePAL is a new platform using technology to replace physical plastic PAL Cards with digital versions and includes a host of other features on the app in support of safety and security across the wider global industry. Key ePAL Facts o Launched from June 2021 starting in the UK and then rolled out globally by the end of 2022 o Available in all countries o Available in eight languages and active in 170 countries o End-users are IPAF-qualified operators of MEWPs and MCWPs and their managers/supervisors o Free to download from Google Play or Apple App Store o Developed by IPAF in partnership with IPAF Member, Trackunit. Key ePAL Features • Incorporates a digital version of an IPAF Powered Access Licence (PAL) Card and digital wallet for storing all their IPAF training qualifications • Provides machine operators with safety tips and guidance to use on their worksite • Digital logbook to record and store experience • Ability to store, show and share IPAF training qualifications and machine operating experience with site managers, worksite supervisors, employers ahead of commencement of work to ensure only trained operators are permitted to access worksites and operate machines. • Training qualifications can be independently verified by scanning the in-app QR code • Ability for IPAF to populate a live feed of information visible through ePAL incorporating operator safety advice and good practice. • Convenient – no need for operators to carry a separate physical PAL Card which could be mislaid • Better security – IPAF training qualifications and operator details are stored in ePAL meaning personal data benefits from smartphone security features • Provides a direct link to IPAF’s Global Accident Reporting Portal where details of incidents, injuries and fatalities can be submitted anonymously. How ePAL supports safety • Helps ensure that only trained operators are allowed to access and operate machines, thus helping to prevent unauthorised machine use by non-qualified operators which could lead to accidents/injuries/fatalities. • Valuable data collected through IPAF’s Global Accident Reporting Portal informs training needs enabling IPAF to tailor training courses accordingly and to pinpoint key messages in its safety campaigns, with the aim of preventing further accidents, injuries and fatalities in the same reported circumstances. • Provides improved security and reduces fraudulent use of PAL Cards because qualifications and operator details are stored securely in the app meaning data benefits from smartphone security features.

Aims and objectives

Primarily, IPAF created the ePAL to open a direct channel of communication with IPAF-trained operators of powered access machinery. This did not previously exist and has now been achieved. This communication channel enables IPAF to directly communicate information about good practice tips, safety advice, technical guidance and industry updates. It provides the unique ability within the industry to target safety campaigns to a relevant, receptive audience. Additionally, ePAL brings huge environmental benefits. It has greatly reduced resources previously used by IPAF to issue thousands of physical licenses and logbooks each year; a massive saving of paper, plastic, ink, postage, shipping costs, and transportation costs has been made. In turn, this has reduced IPAF’s carbon footprint, and the financial saving enables IPAF to focus its resources on increasing the scope of global promotion of safe and effective use of powered access. ePAL is unique to the industry and, to IPAF’s knowledge, is the only app of its kind used within construction and the powered access industry. It addresses the industry’s need for a quick, secure and convenient way to share machine operators’ details and credentials ensuring only qualified personnel to access and use machines, helping to prevent unauthorised machine use by non-qualified operators which could lead to accidents/injuries/fatalities. Evaluation Of course, it is impossible to measure the number of accidents/injuries that didn’t happen, but ePAL is a way of supporting safety in the powered access industry which can only be beneficial to the cause of reducing accidents/injuries/fatalities. ePAL has massive potential for growth and wider adoption. To-date it has attracted 250,000 first-time downloads and supports a culture of safety and security across the wider industry. Stakeholder feedback about ePAL ‘Great app. Runs every time and easy to upload log and add MEWPs to my profile.’ Submitted via Google Play Console ‘Fantastic app. Better than carrying an actual card. Very useful safety information at hand.’ Submitted via Google Play Store ‘The introduction of ePAL and digital PAL Cards is another great integration of digital technology welcomed by VINCI Construction UK. As we embrace more digital technologies, we become many things; more sustainable; better connected, more engaging and ultimately, efficient. These benefits of ePAL and the Digital PAL Card will help us deliver safer and more sustainable operations as we move forward, connected together.’ Alan Woodage, Health and Safety Manager, Taylor Woodrow ‘I welcome the introduction of ePAL and digital PAL Cards on site and the safety and security benefits they bring and are looking forward to the digitisation of PAL Cards and the features of the new IPAF operator app which support ease of use and operator safety. The new IPAF operator app – ePAL – is a great step forward in technology, sustainability and operator communication.’ Mark Atkinson, Health & Safety Manager, Newton Energi Ltd ‘We look forward to the digitisation of PAL Cards and the features of the new IPAF operator app which support ease of use and operator safety. It is a great step forward in a number of ways: the use of technology, for sustainability, and operator communication.’ Tony Seddon, Managing Director, Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training (FASET) ‘This will be a real game-changer for the industry.’ Søren Brogaard, CEO Trackunit, (IPAF member, Denmark-based telematics specialist that helped develop the app)

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LLEAP Gold Award 2022 (USA), World of Health & Safety Asia (WHSA) Technology Category Winner 2021

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