TenneT Safetyfilm 2023

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TenneT Safetyfilm 2023

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09:23 minutes

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Marek has accepted a new job on a construction site at TenneT. His foreman picks him up in the car and a conversation ensues about the upcoming work, especially about safety precautions and their significance for his own life. During the drive, the foreman talks about his former colleague Alex, his connection to his family and the circumstances that awaited him at work. In retrospect, we learn through authentic situations what can quickly go wrong on a construction site and what must be prevented - up to a dramatic accident. The film is real, honest and very impressive. It is a preventive contribution on the way to our big goal - Zero Harm.

Aims and objectives

Safety is a top priority for TenneT. We want to prevent serious accidents under all circumstances. That is why we are launching initiatives to increase occupational safety. The TenneT Safetyfilm 2023 addresses authentic focal risks on our construction sites: lifting and loading work. The film functions as an integral part of our preventive safety communication (including safety briefings). We raise awareness by deliberately focusing on human and interpersonal issues & creating identification with the main actor and his family. Depicting dangerous routines and emotionally gripping experienced construction workers - that is the goal.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists, Other (please specify) : interne wie externe Beschäftigte an unseren Baustellen, Vertragspartner


Multi-stage communication campaign focus on 3 fields: publication & integration of the film in safety communication on construction sites; ext. communication SocialMedia-- importance Safety for TenneT; of internal communication strengthening Safe

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TenneT TSO GmbH
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+49 (0) 921 5 07 40 27 52 - +49 (0)151 40 26 70 78 https://www.tennet.eu/

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die wegmeister
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