Ai no Harness

Title translated into English

The Treasured Harness

Film: Duration in minutes

4min in English & 4min in Japanese minutes


"The Treasured Harness" is the campaign song for full-body harness personal fall-arrest systems (safety belt).

(As for the Japanese version, I could only upload short version. Please find the Japanese full version via URL above. )


In Japan, the death by fall accounts for 256, 28% out of total 909 death by industrial accidents in 2018.
In industries, belt type harnesses have long been used in Japan, but full-body type is nessesary for high level of safety.
The Ministry of Labour has revised the ordinance in 2018 to oblige the use of full-body type in construction sites, etc, which will be fully enforced in January 2022.
During the transitional period, the Ministry is promoting replacement by purchase not only by subsidy but also nation-wide campaign by the song for the first time ever.


The song was composed and written words by an official of the Ministry of Labour, Japan.

English version of the song is also prepared and disclosed through the internet for increasing foreign workers.

Target Group

workers and employers including foreigners


Promotion of personal protective equipment by the Ministry

Contact details Editor / Production company

Ministry of labour
1-2-2 Kasumigaseki - Chiyoda-ku , jp-100-8916 Tokyo
+81335953225 - +819029196816+81335021598