Ancora Vivere

Title translated into English

Live Again

Film: Duration in minutes

03.10 - 3 min and 10 sec minutes


A road full of traffic in a big city, a car moving too fast, the ring of a mobile, the choice to answer even while driving… How many times road accidents everywhere in the world share the same plot? The rock song “Ancora vivere” (“Live again”), written by the Italian rock-band S.O.S. Save Our Souls, represents a strong disapproval towards the use of phone while driving, a silly behavior that too many times brings to the loss of a life. In the music video, produced in 2019 by LHS Foundation and directed by the talented Alessandro Murdaca, the viewers watch things slowly happening until the fatal – but totally preventable - end, underlined by the strong rhythm of the song: a hymn to life and consciousness, against all kind of distractions.


Most of us are aware that distraction is the leading cause of road accidents and that, today, distraction comes above all from our mobile phones. And still, how many times do we see people text and drive, or make a call while driving? Let’s share a clear message: keeping our eyes off the road even for one second can lead to serious accidents, sometimes with fatal consequences for ourselves or for someone else. “On that road, that last moment will be forever”, sings this song. We make, ultimately have the power to affect the lives of people.


Music is an incredible source of inspiration, and rock music has a strong influence both on young and mature generations. Unfortunately, not often rock musicians have shared messages about the importance of safety and prevention. That’s why the Italian social movement “Italia Loves Sicurezza” - a national movement of people who want to revolutionize the way safety is perceived and communicated in Italy, in order to change behaviors and reduce the number of accidents – decided to launch this challenge to the well known rock band S.O.S. (Save Our Souls), who wrote the song “Ancora vivere”. The LHS Foundation, who officially presented this song, decided to further promote this project by producing a professional video clip, able to maximize the impact of its message. The song and the video are now used by all the network of Italia Loves Sicurezza and the partners of LHS Foundation as a safety moment to introduce the topic of road safety in sensibilization and training events, and the band take the opportunity to play the song at their gigs or in radio interviews to talk about the safety to their fans.

Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training at Saipem and General Secretary of LHS Foundation will personally attend the World Congress in Toronto and is available to present the project. He was one of the winners at the Prevention Media Festival in Frankfurt in 2014 with the film “What Comes First”.

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