Anfangen ist leicht. Aufhören nicht.

Title translated into English

Starting is easy. Stopping is not.

Film: Duration in minutes

0:20 minutes


A teenager, no older than 14 or 15, stands at the smoking corner of the school and smokes.
He exhales the cigarette smoke and snorts the ashes away.
As he is about to leave, he notices with irritation that with each additional breath he takes he still blows smoke. The smoke from his lungs does not want to settle. What begings like slight insecurity quickly develops into a full-blown panic attack. His breath goes furiously fast. Full of horror he goes down to the ground and tries desperately to stop the smoke by pressing his Hands against his mouth. But still with every exhalation comes a gush of smoke. Alone in a cloud of smoke he holds his breath, throws a shaken, resigned look into the camera and breathes out a last blue-grey waft of smoke.

Target Group

Young cinema audience in Styria

Contact details Editor / Production company

Lagergasse 18, at-8020 Graz