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Bitte sich in Elektriker Kim hineinversetzen/ Hörspiel, -feature

Title translated into English

"Kims electrical accident/ radio drama, audio-feature

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Audio play


Two electricians - one of them Kim - get a job (setting a new power outlet in the old sub-distribution cabinet) and are confronted with everyday obstacles/conditions:
Time pressure - missing PPE/ work equipment - overestimation of one's own abilities - not following the 5 electricity safety rules -- lack of attention - misjudgement - etc.
An electric shock with subsequent ventricular fibrillation occurs. At the end of the audio play, the listener decides for himself whether Kim survived.

One version is online, as Wav and MP3 formats cannot be uploaded.


This is how it feels like in your head when mistakes are made and you could die by an electrick shock. Maybe your view of things or your way of working changes because the accoustic image goes into your ear and stays in your head.


As an electrician you can virtually and emotionally suffer a power accident and learn from it

The idea for the audio play was born during a fictitious observation at Peter's heaven's gate. The electricity accident victims there reported that they would do anything, really anything, to be able to undo their brief lack of attention or their fatal mistake. They were not granted it, but there may be a possibility to warn former work colleagues on earth. Since these warnings are hardly taken seriously, the people in the present have to face emotionally experiences on their own body. Similar to the childhood hotplate effect (child is too curious and disregards the mother's admonition: "Don't touch the hotplate, it's very hot"), an attempt is made to ensure that listeners to the play can have fatal accidents without hurting themselves in the sense of prevention, but carry the emotional experiences of this life-crucial event around with them for a very long time (sustainability). For this reason, infant voices, emotional music and a special 3D audio recording technique were deliberately used.

Please use headphones.

Many audio-picture performances in front of electricians have shown in practice that the audio play opens up a different sustainable approach to the topic of "possible electrical accident".

Why in today's visual world only audio without video:

An audio play is like a cinema in your head and it allows only the gruesome images that you can bear (in contrast to shocking bloodstained videos). The play goes into the ear and stays in the head. With reference to the protection of minors, however, children and young people are also allowed to listen to the audio feature.

Target Group

(young) Electricians

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