Campagne VISION ZERO - Témoignages d’un accident du travail / de trajet

Title translated into English

VISION ZERO campaign - Testimonials of a work-related / commuting accident

Film: Duration in minutes

3x2 minutes minutes


The campaign concept revolves around real-life situations and strong messages. The campaign shows real people, who have been victims of an accident at work or on the way to work. The aim is not to shock, but to challenge and inform, to raise awareness, to empower and to mobilize. By giving real faces and voices to the campaign, the witnesses' experiences touch people and make them more aware of the risks they face.   


Launched in June 2017, the VISION ZERO media campaign is a national campaign for the prevention of accidents at work and commuting accidents. Everyone is concerned by safety and health at work, so the campaign targets the general public (employees, young workers, future workers), but also companies, respectively company directors, senior managers, designated workers and safety delegates. The aim is for companies to become aware of and committed to occupational safety and health by establishing a culture of prevention. Companies can also join VISION ZERO.   


VISION ZERO is the national strategy for the prevention of accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational diseases. This strategy reflects the national partners' united will to revitalize occupational safety and health and to mobilize all stakeholders at the level of employers and employees.


Target Group

company directors, company health and safety managers, all employees, all players involved in this field



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Association d'assurance accident
125, route d'Esch, lu-1471 Luxembourg