»DVR/UK/BG-Schwerpunktaktion Risiko-Check "Emotionen" (2018)

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DVR/UK/BG-Annual Preventioncampaign for employees "Emotion in traffic" (2018)

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1:47 Minuten minutes


In 2018, the annual joint key campaign of the German Road Safety Council, the accident insurance companies and the employers' liability insurance associations dealt with the topic of emotions as the cause of accidents by using the slogan Risk Check "Emotions".

Within the scope of this campaign, teaching modules and Seminars, as well as an action video, were designed for educational institutions and schools (secondary level II, driving schools). In addition, all insured persons were able to take part in a ruffle within the campaign period.


What would happen when terrible news triggers an emotional rollercoaster ride for several people? This video shows the consequences of it.


In road traffic, emotions such as fear, anger or rage can become dangerous. For example when they are very intense or when anger and rage turn into aggression.

The term "emotion" is not identical with the colloquially often used term "feeling". Rather, the actual feeling is only one of several components that form, what is described in psychology, as emotion. At the beginning of every emotion a situation or an experience is mentally evaluated: Can this situation become threatening to me? Or is it pleasant for me?

The campaign "Emotions" provides information on some of these emotions and shows their effects on road traffic.

Target Group

Persons insured by accident insurance funds and employers' liability insurance associations, all those in road traffic


Key campaign of the DVR, employer's liability associatons and accident insurance funds

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