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Changing a Proud Culture - the Landcorp/Pāmu story

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Changing a Proud Culture - the Landcorp/Pāmu story

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This video tells the story of Steve Carden, the Chief Executive Officer of Landcorp/Pamu, one of New Zealand's biggest corporate farmers. In October 2015 Landcorp/Pāmu experienced its third workplace fatality in six months. Not surprisingly, the company went into crisis mode. Steve says he was desperate to stop anyone else dying. After much soul-searching, the company came up with a plan to change the entrenched culture that was making its business unsafe. This video tells the story of how it went about making those changes.

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This video is targeted at Chief Executive Officers. It aims to engage them in health and safety and to encourage them to see it as a leadership activity that is directly related to their role as CEO. The video is one of several produced by the Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum that aims to engage CEOs in health and safety and to enable them to learn from each others experiences.



The Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum is a coalition of business and government leaders committed to improving the performance of workplace health and safety in New Zealand. Its vision is all business leaders passionately committed to achieving Zero Harm Workplaces. The Forum's focus is to make workplaces safer and healthier by growing world-class CEO safety leadership in New Zealand, and by leveraging the combined skill, influence and resources of members. It was launched in 2010 and now has about 350 members who are CEOs, Managing Directors of Country Heads of large New Zealand businesses or businesses operating in high risk industries.


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