Collaboration Helps Pellet Plant Own Safety

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Collaboration Helps Pellet Plant Own Safety

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11:01 minutes


Pinnacle Renewable Energy seemed an unlikely contender to become a role model for occupational health and safety. After engaging with WorkSafeBC, the company has orchestrated a health and safety transformation. This video speaks to turning around work culture to make health and safety a priority, and showcases a company that reaches record low injuries and record high production and profits.


Through this documentary style video, we want to inspire a feeling of ability and action in other companies.


We tell the story of the evolution and journey that Pinnacle Renewable Energy took. It went from non-compliance and serious health and safety risks to partnering with WorkSafeBC to create and activate an innovative health and safety plan in their mills.

Target Group

Companies in BC, across all industries, that do not currently have strong health and safety plans.

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