Combustible Wood Dust Explosions

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Combustible Wood Dust Explosions

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4:50 minutes


This animated video explains what combustible dust is and shows why it's such a hazard in sawmills and wood shops. It also goes through scenarios in detail of how combustible dust increases the risk of fires and explosions, which can cause catastrophic injuries, loss of life, and destruction of buildings. Fortunately, these events are preventable.


If employers train workers and supervisors to recognize and control the hazards associated with combustible wood dust, risks leading to fires, and explosions, injuries can be prevented.


Combustible wood dust refers to the fine, dry wood particles that are a by-product of milling wood. These particles can often settle away from the production area (usually on rafters, ceilings, beams, ductwork, walls, joints, and machinery) and present a risk of fire and explosion if not controlled effectively. The video is intended to be viewed in conjunction with training in combustible wood dust hazard recognition.

Target Group

Employers in manufacturing industries where combustible dust presents a risk, industry associations and groups, health and safety associations


We produced various reference materials around combustible dust for employers and supervisors.


Telly Award 2017

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