D^2 R = Detectar, Detener y Reportar

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D^2 R = Detect, Stop And Report

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03:22 minutes


The video is focused on reinforcing the desired behavior of stopping any unsafe act and reporting it in order to prevent any eventuality or injury from happening. In the video several scenarios are dramatized where the person commits an unsafe act and has repercussions on his working life since no one stopped him. In each scenario it is reinforced to stop the unsafe act and correct it to perform the task safely. For which the methodology of D ^ 2R is shown, which is to detect, stop and report. At the time of stopping and correcting an unsafe act, a sheet is filled out where the unsafe act committed, the department and the action taken are written.


The message of this series of videos is to raise awareness among staff to stop any unsafe act and correct it to prevent the person from suffering an injury.

Raise awareness of the importance of stopping any unsafe act


Unsafe acts are the first cause of accidents at work, so it is important to stop any unsafe acts observed to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Likewise, reporting them helps to analyze why these insecure acts occur and to reinforce the behaviors in the collaborators.

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