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Der BGN-Selbstcheck zur Kultur der Prävention

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The BGN self-assessment tool for the culture of prevention

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The BGN self-check "Safety and Health at Work" is the introductory offer of the Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe (BGN) within the framework of the prevention campaign "kommmitmensch" for the culture of prevention and has been offered as a free web app under since 2018.
With the self-check, entrepreneurs, especially those from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the BGN sectors, can find out how important the topics of safety and health are in their company and whether or how these topics are already integrated into everyday work. The self-check also serves to record the culture of prevention in the company.

The subject areas of the check are:
1. perception of occupational safety and health:
To what extent is
occupational safety and health already integrated into the company's operational procedures or everyday working life? How are errors dealt with (error culture)?
2. standards and guidelines for occupational safety and health:
Which standards and specifications (regulations) have already been implemented in the company in the areas of occupational safety and health?
3. measures for occupational safety and health:
Which measures are implemented in the company in order to improve health and safety at work ?
4. work design:
To what extent does the company place value to a safe and health-preserving design of workplaces and work organization?
5. participation and cooperation:
To what extent are employees involved in the design and implementation of occupational safety and health at the workplace? How is the cooperation of the employees organised (working atmosphere)?
6. communication:
Does an exchange of information take place among the employees? What channels of communication exist in the company?
7. management responsibility:
To what extent do managers assume responsibility for safety and health at work?
8. social support by the manager:
To what extent do managers support employees in material, informational and emotional (trust and sympathy) terms?

Directly after the processing, the entrepreneurs receive offers and measures from BGN to improve health and safety. They also have the opportunity to compare themselves with companies from their sector (benchmarking).
Since 2019 it has been possible to order an individually compiled action box depending on the check result - exclusively via the self-check. The action box contains the recommendations of the BGN self-check in the form of brochures, work aids, seminar offers, link lists and other campaign products.
The implementation of the self-check and the associated request for an action box will also be rewarded in the BGN award procedure.


Find out in about 30 minutes how important the topics of safety and health are in your company and whether or how these topics are already integrated into the daily work Routine.


The BGN self-check was developed as part of the research project "Prevention Culture 360°". Project partners besides BGN were the SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg and the Occupational Medical and Safety Service of BGN (ASD*BGN). The duration of the project was from January 2016 to March 2018. The aim of the project was to make the concept of the culture of prevention comprehensible and to determine the essential organisational-cultural factors. In addition, a screening tool was to be developed. The purpose of this tool was to record the culture of prevention in the member companies and establish it in the long term.

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Entrepreneurs, managers

Prevention campaign

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