Donna's Story: Delivery Truck Driver Safety

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Donna's Story: Delivery Truck Driver Safety

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3:22 minutes


Truck drivers face hazards on the job every day, hazards that don’t even involve driving. Meet Donna: Mom, delivery truck driver, amateur tennis player. Watch what happens when her life takes a bad turn after she’s struck by a pry bar while securing a load. This story is based on actual claims to WorkSafeBC where workers have been injured after their hands slipped off of a metal bar tool.


When securing your load, use a proper pry bar, wear gloves, don't lean over while cinching up the straps. Professional truck drivers should stay safe on and off the road.


Professional truck drivers can face on-the-job hazards other than driving, such as strapping a load, using a pry bar, or working with landing gear. WorkSafeBC, in partnership with Safety Driven – Trucking Safety Council of BC, introduced this video  to help reduce the risk of injury to drivers.

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Drivers, trucking professionals, supervisors in the trucking industry


video series of 3 trucking videos with different worker scenarios


Videographer Award 2019

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