"Echt jetzt?!": Das Making-of der Poster zur Arbeitsplatzhygiene

Title translated into English

"Believe it?!": Making-of for the posters about hygiene at the workplace

Film: Duration in minutes

1:28 minutes


The making-of shows which tricks were used during the photo shooting for the AUVA poster set. The AUVA-posterset deals with some of the golden rules for proper hygiene when working with hazardous substances. The "Stay clean!" line shows correct behaviour, while the "Really?!" line deliberately exaggerates wrong behaviour.


Promotion of the AUVA poster series on the subject of hygiene in the workplace with a "wink".


As part of the AUVA campaign "Watch out, danger of cancer!", the poster set "Stay clean!" and "Really?!" was produced to accompany the explanatory video "Hygiene measures for dangerous working materials". The making-of video provides insights into the photo shoot for the posters. It was used in presentations and training sessions to promote the poster set. The video was also published on the AUVA YouTube channel http://www.auva.at/youtube.


Target Group

Prevention experts, employers


Prevention campaign

Contact details Editor / Production company

AUVA - Austrian Workers Compensation Board
Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse 65, at-1200 Vienna
+43 5939322906 http://www.auva.at