Een Etmaal Overleven

Title translated into English

Surviving a Day

Film: Duration in minutes

10:53 minutes


“Een Etmaal Overleven” portrays the events that develop on January 8th 2005 while the Wagenborg ro-ro vessel “Schieborg” faced severe problems due to a heavy storm near the Danish coast. A fire started and the vessel became unmanageable. As a result the complete crew (15 persons) had to abandon the vessel in a large and riskful evacuation operation. Due to the professional handling of crew and evacuation team, there were no serious victims and the entire crew survived this accident. The content is rich in its demonstration of remarkable leadership in extremely critical situation in addition to adverse weather condition. Both, the Captain and Chief Officer on board the vessel Schieborg at the time of accident, are currently still working for Wagenborg and both of them are sailing as a Captain on company’s flagships.


The film aims to deliver the message that workplace safety within an organization can really only be guaranteed when all employees adopt safe behavior in a natural and instinctive way. Safety as a core value of each person applied into every day practice and the importance of training the operational personnel for leadership.

The film aims to raise the safety awareness of (new) employees and students within the maritime industry by showing them the importance of leadership at all levels, working according (safety) regulations, safety awareness, having the right knowledge, emergency training, the impact on persons involved and lessons learned.

Seafarers are obliged to attend many courses and instruction video’s in order to comply with regulations and to keep their knowledge up to date. Often the content of courses and video’s is far from seafarers own reality; recorded in an environment that doesn’t look like their own working area or outdated material that has been used. In that case the impact on seafarer’s behavior is very limited. Both Wagenborg and Lloyd’s Register experienced and acknowledge that practical, realistic life cases have an enormous impact on new employees, students and participants in seminars.



This film is a joint effort between Wagenborg and Lloyd’s Register. Lloyd’s Register was searching for a practical case to be used as an introduction for leadership development and safety related courses, seminars, etc. Within Wagenborg there was already a similar demand, it’s company’s intention to use a practical case for internal courses, introductions and education supporting the leadership program,  a process of cultural change in the field of health and safety created and developed internally at Wagenborg.

The film involves the emotional contribution as an important element capable of overcoming cultural barriers, inspiring leaders and their teams to embrace a safety control behavior.


* The “Schieborg” has been evacuated by the emergency response team of ESVAGT (DK). They recorded the evacuation. The video footage is available on their website and on Youtube.

Target Group

The film "Een Etmal Overleven" is intended for (new) employees and crewmembers, students within the maritime industry, course participants; to all maritime leaders who want to do their best for safety.

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