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No te distraigas

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Do not get distracted

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Este video busca sensibilizar a nuestros conductores con respecto al desafío más complejo que esta presentado hoy la seguridad vial a nivel mundial, que es las distracciones que presenta el uso e telefonía móvil. Este video muestra de una forma lúdica, que cada vez que un conductor toma el celular o lo mira, es como que si nadie estuviera conduciendo.

This video seeks to sensitize our drivers regarding the most complex challenge that road safety is presenting today worldwide, which is the distractions presented by the use of mobile telephony. This video shows in a playful way that every time a driver picks up the cell phone or looks at it, it is as if no one was driving.

Aims and objectives

Este producto audiovisual tiene como objetivo que nuestros conductores minimicen a zero el uso de telefonía celular durante la conducción, entendiendo el riesgo que actualmente esta tecnología esta presentando

The objective of this audiovisual product is for our drivers to minimize to zero the use of cell phones while driving, understanding the risk that this technology is currently presenting.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists, Other (please specify)


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