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Luar Biasa BoBoiBoy

Title translated into English

The Incredible BoBoiBoy

Product description

The Social Security Organization (SOCSO) of Malaysia has recruited homegrown superhero BoBoiBoy to promote its Return to Work (RTW) program. In conjunction with RTW's 15th anniversary, SOCSO launched its first fully animated advertising video on efforts undertaken through the RTW program; a comprehensive disability management program that aims to help SOCSO insured person with injuries or illnesses to recover and return to work in a timely manner and safer environment. Since its inception in 2007 up until October 21, 2022, SOCSO's RTW program has helped over 51,694 people to return to work and resume their daily occupations. In collaboration with a local animation company, Animonsta Studios Sdn. Bhd., the 2.22 minutes video highlights the lives of Faizal (among many other unfortunate insured person under the RTW Program) who had an accident during work. The young man lost his left upper and lower limb in the accident, but with provisions from SOCSO's Return To Work Program, he was able to stand on his own two feet, bounce back stronger, take charge of his life, and resume his normal roles and routines.

Aims and objectives

The perseverance and high fighting spirit among the Return-to-Work participants in going through the winding journey of life after suffering a disability due to an accident or illness to keep rising to continue life and return to work, is truly inspiring to the community. Their meaningful life struggles have prompted this animated theme to be named Extraordinary ("Luar Biasa").
Among the extraordinary factors and the uniqueness of the life journey among the participants of RTW SOCSO is that the diversity of the plural society in Malaysia has given them an advantage in a good support system. Despite the differences in culture, religion, and race, the spirit of One Malaysian Family has helped to highlight and embrace the capabilities of this group compared to the disabilities experienced. This indirectly creates a harmonious Malaysian family spirit.
Their extraordinary spirit to continue to compete and prove that they are also able to contribute to the economic development of the country has prompted SOCSO to elevate disability management to be nurtured as early as possible in every walk of life and it is impossible to achieve when all parties are united. As an organization that upholds social security, it is imperative that access to healthcare and income security is guaranteed in time of need. Through this video SOCSO aims to highlight two main issues; (1) to celebrate all abilities, and (2) educating the mass public since early age.
In order to celebrate all forms of abilities, one must understand the challenges faced by people who were born with disabilities and those who develop disability later in their life. Although both might face different obstacles; engaging in the labor market and become independent are common issues. We aim to eradicate the stigma and perception of society that these people are no longer functional and are not able to contribute in a company, through support provided to both the employer and employee in the RTW program.
Secondly, we believed that awareness and education should start at the earliest stage of life. This video aims to create awareness on social security
among children, so that they would understand their rights (regardless of whether they have disabilities or not), the help they can acquire in times of need, and even persuade their caregiver on the importance of social security. When this is achieved, this would create a resilient community and ecosystem that are foolproof towards calamitous events.

Target audience

Young workers



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