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Jérémy en chantier: (Saison 3, épisode 1) Les échelles

Title translated into English

Jeremy on the Job: (Season 3, episode 1) The Ladders

Film: Duration in minutes

01:53 minutes

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Product description

In this film, Jeremy is a trainee eager to demonstrate his newly acquired skills. Unfortunately, a phone call distracts him during instruction preventing him from learning that portable ladders pose an accident hazard and should only be used if no safer alternatives are available. He soon discovers his error, which could have had dire consequences.

Aims and objectives

o Mobile elevating work platforms, rolling scaffolds or ladders with platforms are often more suitable alternatives to portable ladders.
o Portable ladders, single or double, should only be used if there is no safer alternative. Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), rolling scaffolds, or ladders with platforms (RWPs) are generally preferable.
o Simple ladders primarily serve as a means of access and are not considered workplaces.
o Double ladders are only suitable for short, low-level work.
Fortunately, after losing his footing and ending up in a dangerous position, Jeremy was quickly rescued by his colleagues. However, approximately 6,000 occupational accidents occur each year due to ladder use.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists

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