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Equipement de protection individuelle, une nécessité pour chaque ouvrier

Title translated into English

Personal Protective equipment, a necessity for each labourer

Film: Duration in minutes

2 minutes 09 secondes minutes

Product description

This film is about the tragedy of a builder. He got electrocuted due to his ignorance or negligence. What makes him a handicap currently. We remark that these tragedies are now frequent and it is high time we realize them.

In oder to solve this problem it is important to sensitize at all levels involved actors on the necessity of personal protective equipment on worksites exposing workers to biological, chemical, machanical, electrical, thermal noise ionizing and non ionizing radiations.

This is the reason why we realize this short video. It is therefore a pressing call we are launching to company managers and other responsibles to equip their employees with PPE which fits with a risk they may be exposed to and ensure their correct / right wearing.

Aims and objectives

The goal is to give a priority to prevention of labourers rather than buildings and provide each labourer good Personal Protective equipment.

Audience: Safety managers, labourers, employees and employers.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists, Other (please specify) : anyone at the workplace

Contact details Editor / Production company

rue la pampa, Adidogome, Togo-s/c 01 BP : 2244 Lomé01 – TOGO Lome
+22891176216 - +22890520710