Nils erklärt das Nein zur Gewalt

Title translated into English

Nils says no to violence

Film: Duration in minutes

5:58 minutes

Product description

In his latest animated film, Nils explains what violence is, that it is never a solution at work, and outlines the potential repercussions of employing violence to further one's interests.
The film is aimed at employees who work in workshops for people with disabilities or in inclusive businesses and is therefore presented in an easy-to-understand way that is suitable for the target group.
In four different scenes, different forms of violence, such as physical assault, cyberbullying and sexualized violence, are shown. The focus of the film is on alternative options showing how the use of violence can be avoided. In addition, the viewer learns what consequences to expect if violence is used after all. These range from a serious talk with the supervisor, exclusion from the community to police intervention or expulsion from the job.
This film was made due to increasing feedback from the facilities in the disability aid. The topic of violence is an aspect of prevention work there, especially with regard to the generation of "young savages", who often display aggressive and violent behavior.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the film is to heighten awareness in the target group around this issue and to show that violence is in no way tolerable. The film also wants to show that people who are affected by violence can get help.
In order to address the target group specifically, a light and humorous style was chosen that reflects the realities of those affected.

Target audience

Other (please specify) : Menschen mit kognitiver Beeinträchtigung

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