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Jobbsnackisar - Cecilia förklarar

Title translated into English

Workplace chat prompts: Cecilia explains

Film: Duration in minutes

5x2 min minutes

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Product description

Brain-friendly working environment – Cecilia explains Trying to create a brain-friendly working environment is called cognitive ergonomics. It’s about how we absorb and interpret information in interaction with each other, our surroundings and technology. By adapting technology to the way people take in and process the world around us, we not only become more efficient, we also feel better. This is illustrated in five short films called “Cecilia explains”, with researcher Cecilia Berlin. The workplace chat prompts can start conversations. Cecilia takes a topic that may seem complex and explains it in a simple way that makes it concrete and comprehensible.

The five short films are all available on the website.

Aims and objectives

Teams can watch the videos together and consider how they can make their workplace more brain-friendly. It’s about alternating the familiar with the unfamiliar, the human factor, focusing more, learning new things and multitasking. Each video comes with questions to guide the team’s discussion on how to create a more brain-friendly working environment

Target audience

Supervisors and managers, Other (please specify) : Safety representatives and employees

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Box 20133, Sweden-104 60 Stockholm
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