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Chlorine gas cylinder change tutorial

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5,5 Min. minutes

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We provide instruction on handling hazardous substances, specifically focusing on the proper management of chlorine and chlorine gas in public pools, waterworks, and the chemical and food industries.
In 2021, we produced a tutorial on the topic of chlorine gas bottle changing that we published free of charge (YouTube, Facebook) and used successfully in numerous training sessions.
In 2022, we wanted to present something new to our customers and the industry and created a satirical variant of the chlorine gas cylinder change with the popular comedian Robbi Pawlik alias "Bademeister Schaluppke". This humorous variation is intended to spice up the hazardous substance instructions, which have to be repeated at least once a year, and to entertain the participants in an instructive way.

The basic idea was to stand out from the often dull and "boring" instructions and to make them more interesting. We have been implementing this very successfully since our first tutorial production and have received consistently positive feedback from customers, the public, professional associations, chemical suppliers and accident insurers.

Aims and objectives

The satirical version of changing the chlorine gas bottle aims to hold the participants' attention and help them more effectively memorize safety-related content.

Target audience

Young workers


Nominierung für den DEKRA AWARD 2022 in der Kategorie SAFETY

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