Labour First Campaign Labour First – film

Title translated into English

Labour First Campaign Labour First – film

Film: Duration in minutes

3:57 minutes

Product description

A dramatic and emotionally charged story of a proud and hardworking man whose self-esteem is challenged when he gets into an accident and doesn’t have the funds for his treatment. As a silent pillar in his life, PESSI comes forward and covers his medical expenses like a true saviour, he was treated and happily return home.

Aims and objectives

The objectives are:

  • To create awareness regarding the provision of social security to workers. Currently, around 11,000,000 workers are registered with PESSI and the aim is to create more awareness among employers to register their workers.
  • To create awareness among employers that paying social security is an investment for companies and not a cost, and a healthy workforce is more productive.
  • To create awareness among senior and middle management of various industries regarding the importance of reporting accidents at the workplace.

Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists


Labour First Campaign

Contact details Editor / Production company

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Office No. 03, 11th Floor, Tricon Corporate Centre, 73 – E, Main Jail Road, Gulberg – II, Lahore, Pakistan-05459 Lahore
+92 302 8595192 - +92 302 8595192