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The Farmer's Work Ability Scale

Product description

With the Farmer’s Work Ability Scale the farmer assesses and follows up his work ability. The farmer answers ten questions about work ability, occupational wellbeing and occupational safety. His answers form a personal feedback considering the characteristics of agriculture. Based on the results, the feedback recommends suitable work ability services. The farmer may compare his results with other farmers. The comparative data is comprehensive and updated in real time. The Farmer’s Work Ability Scale is an online service for farmers produced by Mela’s Support the Farmer Project.

Aims and objectives

Working as a farmer has its own unique characteristics: it is binding, physically demanding and prone to accidents. Farmers in Finland feel that their work ability is lower than it is among many other professional groups. Farmers also have to resort to disability pensions more often than others. In response, Mela developed the Farmer’s Work Ability Scale to support the ability of farmers to work and cope with the possible challenges they face. The service is a concrete tool for a farmer to promote work ability!

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Contact details Editor / Production company

The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela
Revontulenpuisto 2 C, Finland-02100 Espoo
+358 29 435 2469 - +358503480535