SOMFY Health & Safety - Electrical Equipment

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SOMFY Health & Safety - Electrical Equipment

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2 minutes

Product description

Somfy is a French industrial group founded in 1969. Historically based in Cluses in Haute-Savoie, it is now one of the world leaders in motorisation and automation of home openings. Today, we are almost 7000 employees in 59 countries. In 2021 we released the first Group H&S Policy. It was associated with H&S Golden Rules which are basically a collection of basic safety rules to be respected by everyone everywhere in the Group. These rules are intended to form the foundations of our Group H&S culture. They are structured according to 10 risk categories adapted to our activities. In 2022, we launched a large communication campaign to promote these H&S Golden Rules in all Group entities. For this campaign, 3 movies were made and we plan to make 2 more in 2023. These films were supplemented by other communication media such as posters, quizzes, risk hunts, etc. The second video we present here relates to the risk category : Electrical equipment. This 2-minute video shows company employees in potentially hazardous situations when working on or near electrical equipment. It basically highlights the danger of connecting power strips in series, the importance of properly locking electrical cabinets, the accreditation required to handle electrical equipment, the necessity of grounding equipment during test and diagnostic operations, the importance of notifying work in progress and protecting employees against unintentional acts.

Aims and objectives

In this communication campaign, we wanted to directly involve company employees in both the writing of the scripts and the shooting of the films. All the actors in the movies, as well as the models for the posters, are employees of the group who volunteered. This allowed us to create a real event by itself with a strong momentum around, starting with the casting of actors and ending with the distribution of the film throughout the group entities via our internal communication media (posts on social networks such as Yammer, on-site video screen…etc). It also included previews with all contributors to the project including our “actors for a day“ who became real ambassadors of good safety practices in the company. For the whole campaign, we decided to use a light and humorous tone. In our opinion it was the best way to communicate efficiently on a subject as serious as health and safety without getting boring and moralizing. The intention was to actually reach employees in order to raise their risk awareness, get their support in improving prevention and, of course, finally avoid accidents. The films are rather short (2 min) and without words so that they can be shown on screens without sound. They are subtitled in the 9 languages the more spoken in the group in order to reach as many employees as possible and ensure that messages are actually caught. The whole communication campaign has been extremely popular across the company. The posts have been ranked in the top 3 of the most viewed publications and the H&S Team has been awarded internally as one of the “top 3 influencers” for 2022. A final word to highlight that we were accompanied for this campaign by the young communication agency named “Black & Wild” which was quite instrumental in the success of the film trilogy. The two agency directors did a great job to understand our needs, provide original ideas to convey our messages, establish a climate of trust with internal actors and put them at their ease… Thanks a lot to them !

Target audience

Young workers

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