Virtuaalikokemus maatilan vaaranpaikoista

Title translated into English

Immersive Safety Training in Virtual Reality

Product description

Virtual reality (VR) makes it possible to experience and learn about dangers on the farm in an immersive way – and in complete safety too! This is the first VR experience in Finland tailored specifically to occupational safety on farms. Farmers and agricultural students can experience dangers on the farm in virtual reality at trade fairs, workshops, special events, training events and customer meetings. Afterwards, they have the opportunity to discuss the experience with a professional occupational safety advisor specialised in safety on farms and later improve their own work.

Aims and objectives

Farming involves numerous hazards. Accidents are frequent and often serious. The VR experience serves as a conversation opener and motivating factor in occupational safety issues in agriculture. VR is an effective way of reaching the entire target audience. The VR experience was designed on the basis of research data and expertise in occupational safety on farms. Due to the pandemic, it was launched in 2022. The impact of the VR experience will be evaluated. With the Farm VR Mela supports accident prevention and awareness work. It´s a question of attitude - Vision Zero in Agriculture!

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), OSH specialists, Other (please specify) : Schools


Safety campaign

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The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela
Revontulenpuisto 2 C, Finland-02100 Espoo
+358294352469 - +358503480535