Bin ich bereit für den Wandel?

Title translated into English

Am I ready for change?

Film: Duration in minutes

4:35 minutes

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Product description

The VBG (Administrative Employers’ Liabiltity Insurance) offers a five-minute film that describes the development of the modern working world, raises awareness with questions on the topic of "digitalization" and highlights associated challenges. The film is thus very well suited as an introduction to the topic.

Aims and objectives

(Historical) introduction to and sensitization for the topic of "digitalization" in the world of work.

Target audience

Other (please specify) : Interessierte Beschäftige aller Branchen

Contact details Editor

Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG)
Massaquoipassage 1 - Koordinator Präventionsfeld Digitalisierte Arbeitswelten , Germany-22305 Hamburg
+49 7141 919-372 - +49 170 2394811

Contact details Production company

Silent Village Creative Productions GbR
Gutenbergstraße 27, Deutschland-64289 Darmstadt
+49 176 92247107