Work safe, no regrets

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Work safe, no regrets

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"Work Safe, no regrets" is based on the concept of “Regret can save no one”: it is an invitation to everyone in the organization to report non-conformity and intervene in case of unsafe conditions, even exercising the Stop Work Authority. This high-impact and emotional short video has been produced to support a new campaign to promote the adoption of safe working at height behaviours. During working-at-height activities, severe injuries may occur and, often, the root causes of these accidents are related especially to mere technical and operative competencies and to an inaccurate supervision of some critical activities. For this reason, Saipem decided to implement a dedicated campaign to raise awareness about the risks, the correct behaviours, the rules to be followed and the role that employees and supervisors have when working at height. In order to support Saipem business lines’ in the transmission of knowledge, skills and behaviors, a dedicated toolkit has been produced. It consists of: an implementation guideline, a cascade presentation, the CEO video message, a letter from the Top Management, the emotional short video, the communication package and posters. The campaign materials have been translated in the 11 main languages spoken within Saipem international community.

Aims and objectives

The main objective of this short video is to raise awareness about the importance of intervening in case of unsafe work conditions, not to have regrets related to a fatality or an incident.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists, Other (please specify) : People working at height


Awareness campaign; Prevention programme

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Saipem SpA
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