App HSEni

Title translated into English

App HSEni

Product description

App HSEni is a tool accessible remotely for all Eni employess worldwide (30.000 people) to promote and increase the HSE culture and to benefit from operational use cases, in order to make onsite activities more safe. The following use cases have been implemented: Operational Use Cases (acces to HSE checklist, reporting of Unsafe Conditions/Acts) , HSE culture promotion Use Cases (consultation of Eni Safety & Environment Golden Rules and Process Safety Fundamentals, HSE Personal Commitment), Edutainment Use Cases (participation to quizzes and competion aimed at increasing HSE culture)

Aims and objectives

The App HSEni is a real work tool to be used during safety meetings, toolbox talks, site visits, thus representing an evolution in term of effectiveness and efficiency of the instruments and methodologies already available in the company, with the aim to increase HSE culture and make site/workplace activities more safe

Target audience

Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists

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Eni SpA
Piazza Vanoni 1, Italy-20097 San Donato Milanese