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Le Belle Storie - Ivana Giancamilli

Title translated into English

Beautiful stories - Ivana Giancamilli

Film: Duration in minutes

2:27 minutes

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Product description

Ivana Giancamilli lives in Corinaldo, in the province of Ancona. His work is in the family farm, driving his tractor, an activity carried on with great passion. Over time, however, some pathologies occur in the back and Ivana must undergo surgery. Inail recognizes her an occupational disease, carrying out with her a personalised reintegration project to continue working in a safe way. Inail gives her a new vehicle that attenuates the vibrations on her back and Ivana restarts driving her tractor.

Aims and objectives

The aim is to inform workers and employers of the support measures set up by the Institute to ensure that workers, who have suffered an accident or an occupational disease, continue to work or are entering a new job, through personalised work reintegration projects. The initiative also aims to highlight the convenience of access to these measures for employers, who can proceed to the adaptation of workplaces or activate professional retraining processes.

Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), OSH specialists

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+39 06 54875608