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23:50 minutes

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Product description

Office workers have comfortable and quiet working conditions. No moving mechanisms, sudden temperature changes, physical exertion, noise from running machines or toxic fumes. So why would anyone care about occupational health at the office? However, the majority of office workers use computers and other office equipment, and they can be dangerous for the workers, as well as other hazards lurked at the office. Our film gives the recommendations which can significantly reduce and even completely neutralize the negative impact of office machines on the office workers. The main characters of the film UPS and WOW will help us along the way. Together we will arrange the workplace, turn on/off the equipment correctly, adjust the lighting, minimize the impact of health and safety hazards, have time to take a break and do eye exercises.

Aims and objectives

Our company's motto is - I WIN cos I know – I follow – I’m safe. So the aim of our film is to teach office workers: - how to arrange their workplace and working time safely and efficiently; - how to follow simple safety rules; - how to stay well.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists

Contact details Editor / Production company

"Center for Occupational Health and Industrial Safety"- COHIS
Nezavisimosty, 58-5, Belarus-220005 Minsk
+375172923234 - +375296141276