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Unfortunately, there is no media attached to this festival entry or no authorization available to view it.
You can possibly access this media through the link in the "Product Submission URL" section. If not, you can contact the editor mentioned below.

Kleine Ursache, große Wirkung: Ein-und Aussteigen, aber sicher!

Title translated into English

Small cause, big effect: Get in and out, but safely!

Film: Duration in minutes

3:21 minutes

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Product description

The medium of slide animation is used to:
- Condense topics to their core essence, ensuring viewers are not distracted by trivialities or excessive details.
- Effectively present facts from the viewer's experiential world by moderately utilizing playful staging techniques. This helps in avoiding unwanted personal references, such as showcasing negative behaviors without blame and positive ones
without a know-it-all attitude.
- Encourage conversation within and outside the instructional context by creating a starting point for discussion about the content of the slides. This can be achieved through surprising methods or by emphasizing unique perspectives on the
presented facts.
- Represent facts, beliefs, behaviors, and operational procedures in a way that viewers can easily identify with. An industry-specific reference should be incorporated into the representation.
Please note that further examples of slide animations can be found under the provided link below ("Link to background information"), which mostly come from German sources. The recently added and updated relevant English translations
include "getting on and off," "elevated workplaces," and "rolling away when coupling."

Aims and objectives

- Recognize potential hazards by examining common accident-prone areas, prioritizing risks, and identifying appropriate behaviors to prevent such incidents.
- Apply safety-oriented behaviors to one's own work environment and procedures, taking into consideration disruptions and frequently tolerated misconduct.
- Raise awareness of the significant role personal behavior plays in preventing workplace accidents for oneself and others.
- Understand the value of avoiding accidents, including pain prevention, acute and possibly permanent damages to health, feelings of guilt, potential psychological or mental consequences, loss of income, and reduced participation in life (as
well as secondary benefits such as avoiding property damage and financial costs).
- Strengthen the solidarity between instructors and participants by emphasizing the importance of a shared commitment to safe work practices, preserving the well-being, productivity, and overall quality of life for all colleagues within the

- Utilize these objectives in instructional discussions led by employers, supervisors, or designated individuals, such as occupational safety specialists or other trainers, in order to inform and motivate employees (e.g. truck drivers and
transport workers) about safe conduct during their legally required training sessions.
- Participate in required accident prevention seminars conducted by supervisors from BG Verkehr (German BG for Transport and Traffic), with participants being personnel from companies in the relevant sectors who typically deliver training
sessions themselves.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists


Vision Zero at BG Verkehr



Contact details Editor

BG Verkehr
Ottenser Hauptstr. 54, Germany-22765 Hamburg
+494039802200 - +4915129707425 https://www.bg-verkehr.de/

Contact details Production company

Plonsker Media Gmbh
Rietburgstr. 9, Deutschland-76829 Landau
+4963419690830 http://www.plonsker.de/