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Le Belle Storie - Agata Giudice

Title translated into English

Beautiful stories - Agata Giudice

Film: Duration in minutes

3:36 minutes

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Product description

Agata Giudice is an energetic 48-year-old Sicilian woman, positive and full of life, even after the commuting injury suffered in 2006 that caused her complete paraplegia. Inail provided her with the basic aids to regain her autonomy and took care of the adaptation and fittings for the car. Thanks to a social reintegration project, Agata rediscovered dance and the Institute provided her with a special wheelchair to practice it. She started with Latin American dance, then Caribbean dance, to get to contemporary dance.

Aims and objectives

The goal is to give greater visibility to the path with which Inail, with the support of local branches and the Prosthetic Center, accompanies the injured at work to resume their place in society. The communication goal is pursued through the voices and faces of the people involved who in a video interview tell their story and experience with Inail. The protagonist is the injured who, starting from the moment of the accident, tells his own experience and the meeting with Inail, at his side in the path of social reintegration.

Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), OSH specialists

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+39 06 54875608