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Es geht um Dein Team

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It's about your team

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Product description

With the help of this tool, employers can invite their employees to anonymously estimate their personal situation at the workplace – by sending a link generated with the tool. For the purpose of comparison, employers can use this tool as well for self-evaluation and receive a visual comparison of the answers. Furthermore, the evaluation includes hints in order to optimize the working situation (psychological factors, work environment, health) as well as an introduction to the issue of risk assessment with an emphasis on “psychological stress”.

Aims and objectives

The aim is to increase the number of companies that carry out a risk assessment. Companies can compare their evaluation with that of their team and receive individually compiled guidelines with contact addresses of relevant contact people of the Administrative Employers’ Liabiltity Insurance (VBG), anonymously and free of charge. The online tool is linked to the VBG applications competence center portal (KPZ) and GeDoku (software for risk assessment).


Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists

Contact details Editor

Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG)
Massaquoipassage 1 - Ressort Prävention , Germany-22305 Hamburg
+49 40 5146-2151 - +49 (0) 151-44151302

Contact details Production company

Indeed Innovation GmbH
Schopenstehl 5, de-20095 Hamburg
+49 40 2846740-13+49 172-4342433