Aina on aikaa

Title translated into English

Take your time

Film: Duration in minutes

2 minutes

Product description

This is a short-film made by three friends about the core principle of injury/harm prevention: Attitude. It features three different time periods where two people have one problem, rushing. It takes a comical viewpoint on a serious matter, trying to reach a wide audience with a simple message: take your time.

Aims and objectives

Me and Markus were second year students in the department of Natural Resources and Environment in JAMK (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences), when the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution held a contest for short-films about work safety at farms. We are neighbours living in rural Central Finland and long time friends so we decided to give the contest a go. We knew from firsthand experience that work safety is usually quite a dull subject so we took the challenge to make it entertaining yet on-point. Our mission with this short-film was to cut to the core point of work safety which is not about fancy equipment or stacks of books on subject but something innate that is a part of who we are: How we approach life. The correct attitude to prevent many an injury is to take the time to do things properly. And of course to have fun while at it.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Other (please specify)


Open short-film (2 minutes max.) competition for students in universities of applied sciences.


Won the first price of Fiksut Farmivideot -contest held by The Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela in January 2022.

Contact details Editor / Production company

Mäntyläntie 349, Finland-41540 Ristimäki
+358440127880 - 00358440127880