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Safety Mastery Planner

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Product description

Safety Mastery Planner is an easy to use highly actionable planner which is designed to support organisations in their Health and Safety Planning and Engagement. The tool is structured to provide structure and resources each month to build and sustain and effective and compliant safety management system. Resources are aligned to ensure leaders and work teams throught the organisation are informed, engaged and actively involved . A help line is provided with 15 minutes of expert help each month as part of the Planner Resources are available each month via QR codes on the PLanner.

Aims and objectives

This planner is designed to provide practical support individuals, teams and organisations who want to improve health and safety in their organisations. Ceating an annual plan structure based on the WHS Legislation and ISO45000 requirements allows users to develop simple effective annual plans Creating a visible and actionable dashboard of health and safety activities. Creating alignment between Leaders, Site Teams and Safety teams on Safety Initiatives and practices to maximise safety resources in organisations Providing structured mentoring to scaffold the success of emerging leaders in safety. Providing quality structure, tools and advice which allows organisations to focus on building effective relationships and identifying and managing organsiational risk rather than having to develop all resources and plans from scratch.

Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists

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