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Layout Planning: A Focus on Faller Safety

Title translated into English

Layout Planning: A Focus on Faller Safety

Film: Duration in minutes

11 minutes

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Product description

This layout planning safety video illustrates hazards that layout engineers identify during their planning process, and explains how these risks can be reduced through cutblock design to improve health and safety for hand fallers. This video also highlights the value of communication and collaboration between layout engineers and harvesting crews. Watch as hand fallers and layout engineers discuss their experiences working in forestry in British Columbia, and hear from WorkSafeBC occupational safety officers about hazards in the industry.

Aims and objectives

The objective is to inform layout engineers how their actions can impact the safety of other workers on a block (i.e. fallers). The goal is to increase the awareness around considering worker safety and how poor layouts can create risks for fallers.

Target audience

Other (please specify) : Layout-engineer staff, company planners

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6951 Westminster Hwy, Canada-V7C 1C6 Richmond