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Let's do our part, B.C.

Title translated into English

Let's do our part, B.C.

Film: Duration in minutes

1 minutes

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Product description

When workplaces in B.C. are healthy and safe, they contribute to a safe and healthy province. This is the message this ad sends to workers and employers. As COVID-19 restrictions were lifted and businesses resumed operations in B.C., it was important to communucate a shared commitment to reducing the risk of workplace transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases.

Aims and objectives

The purpose was to remind workplaces to continue "doing their part" with COVID-19 prevention. It also provided information and resources on keeping workplaces healthy.

Target audience

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists



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6951 Westminster Hwy, ca-V7C 1C6 Richmond