Just Safe Event - Njörd

Title translated into English

Just Safe Event - Njörd

Film: Duration in minutes

4:53 minutes

Product description

The product represents a new level of intervention that allows staff to start more easily communicating about safety. In a way, it is a softer version of Stop, it’s called „Njörd“. It was established during a safety event, that has been developed for our employees which took place in Spring 2022 multiple times for employees and contractors. It was developed by an internal team commonly with an external creative company. A series of events in a special environment to create positive memories, laughter, get-together, and focus on Safety.

Aims and objectives

The main criteria was to engage attendees to act and practice a safety mindset understanding the importance of saying ‘Stop’ and taking action with a focus on the Hierarchy of Interventions, that even received another level throughout this event: Njörd! A strong part to convey the message was the humorous aspect and the positivity that has been influenced by the atmosphere created…and Njörd!

Target audience

Young workers

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