Make Incidents Science Fiction

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Make Incidents Science Fiction

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0:37mins minutes

Product description

'Make incidents science fiction' uses curiosity and nostalgia to earn attention and ensure messages would not be ignored. Awareness of the identified critical risks and associated behaviours were communicated through individual campaigns across multiple channels, including animated videos, GIFs, reference guides, and posters.

Aims and objectives

Garvan faced the challenge of maturing their safety culture and helping their people prioritise health and safety. With a recently designed ISO 45001 aligned Health & Safety Management System, the next step was to communicate health and safety responsibilities and requirements to all employees and scientists. Data revealed that behaviour was a prevalent contributing factor in the majority of Health, Safety & Wellbeing incidents, making critical risks and contributing human factors a primary focus. Our objective was to engage this highly intellectual audience to take notice of topics they don’t usually find interesting.

Target audience

Other (please specify) : all employees and scientists


Safety communication

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Garvan Institute of Medical Research
33/1176 Gold Coast Highway, Australia-4221 Palm Beach

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Everyday Massive
33/1176 Gold Coast Highway, au-4221 Palm Beach