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Pre-Work Warm Up: A Key to Employee Health and Safety

Title translated into English

Pre-Work Warm Up: A Key to Employee Health and Safety

Film: Duration in minutes

1.24 minutes

Product description

The video provides a demonstration of pre-work warm-up exercises that can be performed at challenging jobs to help prevent injuries and improve overall job performance. It features basic warm-up exercises that should be done by any professional before starting the job especially for physically demanding jobs. It explains the importance of pre-work warm-up exercises and how they can help prepare the body for physically demanding tasks. Warm-up exercises can help increase blood flow to muscles, increase range of motion, and improve flexibility. They can also help reduce the risk of injury by warming up the muscles and joints and preparing them for the demands of the job.

Aims and objectives

The aim of the video is to educate and demonstrate the importance of performing warm-up exercises before starting physically demanding jobs. The video aims to help individuals understand the benefits of pre-work warm-up exercises in preventing injuries, improving job performance, and enhancing overall physical health.

Target audience

Young workers, Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists, Other (please specify) : Any workplace can follow this type of pre work warm up

Contact details Editor / Production company

Larsen and Toubro
L&T 11th floor tower II Godrej Waterside DP-5, Sector V Salt Lake City - Kolkata , India-700091 Kolkata