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klip promujący Wizję Zero

Title translated into English

Vision Zero promotional clip

Film: Duration in minutes

1:02 minutes

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Product description

The main goal of Vision Zero Strategy (VZS) in the agricultural sector in Poland is to reduce the number of accidents at work and occupational diseases, which is linked with the creation of better working conditions and improvement of farmers' health. The VZS is based on the belief that accidents at work and occupational diseases can be eliminated through the use of appropriate prevention strategy. For Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, which has been actively conducting prevention activities in the field of work safety on farms for over 30 years, the promotion of VZS will emphasize the importance of such activities implemented by the Fund, and will also contribute to strengthening of the image of the Fund in this field. An innovation in this strategy is drawing attention to three dimensions in human work: safety, health and well-being, which have a key impact on the occurrence or non-occurrence of accidents, injuries or diseases caused by work. The strategy is based on 7 Golden Rules, the use of which helps to design the work environment in a manner that will reduce the risk of undesirable events, i.e. so that nobody loses life or health at work.

Aims and objectives

The clip is designed to promote agricultural work as part of the Vision Zero campaign. KRUS, as a partner of Vision Zero, has created activities to promote safe behaviour related to farm work among different groups, like: young people or farmers.

Target audience

Young workers, Supervisors and managers, OSH specialists


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Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Społecznego
al.Niepodleglosci 190, Poland-00-608 Warsaw