Startfolie des Web Based Trainings: Sicherheitstraining Flurfoerderzeuge
  • Startfolie des Web Based Trainings: Sicherheitstraining Flurfoerderzeuge

Sicherheitstraining Flurfoerderzeuge (Web Based Training)

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Safety training for industrial trucks (Web Based Training)

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The Nagel-Group's "safety training for industrial trucks" teaches employees how to handle industrial trucks safely and creates awareness of how to avoid accidents at work. In a modern, interactive training course, employees learn about the sources of danger in their everyday work. The fresh didactics and the visually appealing structure impressively convey what is important when starting, using and parking an industrial truck and which special regulations must be observed. The focus is on easy access, user-friendliness and fun learning. To keep the learners' attention high, interactive elements and knowledge questions that are presented in a playful manner guide them through the training. As an engaging finale, what has been learned is tested in the form of a quiz.

Aims and objectives

The Nagel-Group is dedicated to preventing accidents at work. The focus of this e-learning "safety training for industrial trucks" is on the proper use of industrial trucks. After completing the training, all participants will know the correct handling, special cases and possible sources of danger and can apply what they have learned in their everyday work. Regular repetition of the training ensures that the knowledge is permanently anchored in the trainees' minds. The training is made available throughout Europe via the Nagel Online Campus and is offered in German and four further language options. With the Nagel Online Campus, the Nagel-Group gives all employees access to an attractive and needs-oriented training program. Training concept and implementation: In the e-learning, a working day involving the use of industrial trucks and forklifts is depicted in a real-life daily routine - from starting, driving, loading and unloading to parking the vehicle. The familiar sequence of everyday situations in conjunction with the sources of danger lurking there supports the learning process. Particularly important points are deepened in playful interactions and queried in terms of content. The visual structure of the e-learning with a combination of real photos from the learners' working environment and graphics in a clear flat design is appealing, establishes references and conveys the desired core messages quickly and forcefully. Interactions and a final quiz, which is taken to pass the training, make learning exciting and fun. The varying final questions - a new selection is always displayed - keep the tension up until the end. The format thus remains interesting and guarantees a lasting learning effect in the target group.

Target audience

Young workers, Supervisors and managers, Other (please specify) : Lagermitarbeiter

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