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Young Workers Portal

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Young Workers Portal

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The young workers portal was developed as a ‘one stop shop’ for young workers safety. It encourages young workers to learn about safety and to reach out to WorkSafe ACT if they need help. The portal is divided into four separate sections: young workers, apprentices, parents and guardians, and employers. The language used for the young workers and apprentices is very positive, empowering, and inclusive. The wording for employers is more aligned to the legislation. The portal focuses on the use of open and inclusive language to reflect the diversity of the modern workforce.

Aims and objectives

Young workers (under 25) are one of the ACT’s most at risk cohorts. In response to this, WorkSafe ACT developed the Young Workers Strategy 2021-23 and has commenced a range of activities to deliver on the strategy’s objectives. The young workers portal was developed as a ‘one stop shop’ for young workers safety. Improving the safety attitudes of young workers in our current workforce will have a positive flow-on effect, continuously improving safety outcomes into the future. The portal helps ensure we can effectively target and reach young workers and their employers.

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Young workers


Young Workers Strategy (2021-2023)

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