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Contrasto e contenimento della diffusione del Covid-19 sul lavoro: misurazione temperatura corporea

Title translated into English

Contrast and containment of the spread of Covid-19 at workplace: body temperature measurement

Film: Duration in minutes

3:47 minutes

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Product description

The video shows, with the aid of audio, graphics and a simple and informative style, the procedures for carrying out a correct detection of body temperature with the use of infrared thermometers before accessing the workplace, to avoid the spread of the pandemic from COVID-19. The video shows the requirements, characteristics, and operating methods of the devices (thermoscanners, laser thermometers and remote thermometers) used to detect the temperature of people who carry out work activities in presence.

Aims and objectives

Inail has chosen to use multimedia language to make more usable the contents of the measures adopted by the government and the indications of the health authorities aimed at avoiding the spread of the Coronavirus infection. The product is part of a series of information videos and video tutorials whose objective is to offer a clear summary of the measures adopted by the Institute for emergency management.

Target audience

OSH specialists

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+39 06 54875608