Facilitation graphique autour de la sécurité routière

Title translated into English

Road safety visions poster design

Other Medium

Facilitation graphique

Product description

A collaborative work between the company, the facilitator and the graphic facilitator has been carried out in order to define a road safety vision. During a work session and exchanges around the management and objectives of company’s road safety, graphic facilitation allowed the collection, clarification, and visualization of the company’s road safety vision.

Aims and objectives

Define the company's vision of how road safety fits into its broader corporate mission. Share ideas on how this vision will enable the company to better manage its road safety risks. Use the facilitator to create a road safety vision that clearly and simply expresses what the company/organization aims to achieve by developing its road safety management system. From the "Road Safety Vision" poster came the Road Safety Policy and then an internal communication poster.

Target audience

Young workers, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Supervisors and managers

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Aegide international
2 rue du Jardin de l'Ars - 6ème étage , France-33800 Bordeaux
+33778304014 - +33778304014 https://www.aegide-international.com/