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Conversations about Life, Health, and Safety

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Conversations about Life, Health, and Safety

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Product description

Conversations about Life, Health, and Safety is a digital role-playing game (RPG) designed to improve communication between young workers and their supervisors, which is known to affect health and safety outcomes. In the game, players navigate their way through three interactive scenarios by making decisions which lead towards different outcomes. Every outcome demonstrates the importance of effective communication in improving the safety and wellbeing of all workers. The three scenarios contained within this game are based on real experiences from young construction workers and aim to address common communication issues in the industry.

Aims and objectives

Conversations about Life, Health, and Safety is part of a larger research project of the same name. The project aims to prevent injuries and ill health to young workers by developing the communication skills of both apprentices and supervisors. To that end, the game is designed to develop young workers’ ability to ask questions and talk about health and safety whilst also reinforcing the supportive communication skills of supervisors and frontline leaders.  The research is funded by icare NSW, and undertaken in partnership with the Master Builders Association of New South Wales, The Australian National University, the Centre for Work Health and Safety and Deakin University.

Target audience

Young workers, Supervisors and managers

Contact details Editor / Production company

RMIT University
124 La Trobe St, Australia-3000 Melbourne